Law of Attraction, Intuitive & Spiritual Coaching

Stasia Sowers is a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Ordained Spiritual Coach.  Her focus is on the achievement of goals through CLARITY & AWARENESS.

Stasia assists her clients in identifying and removing subconscious obstacles which stand between them and their goals.  She also gives support through Spiritual Coaching.  Through her compassionate, intuitive approach, Stasia offers insightful, perceptive guidance.  She is sensitive to the needs of her clients, and goes out of her way to make certain they always feel comfortable and safe. 

What are Obstacles?  They can be the result of anything from negative belief patterns to negative experiences or even caused by being mistreated by others, (Bullying).

Bullying is defined as any mistreatment that occurs, in any area of life, which causes Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual interference in an individuals life, that hinders an individuals ability to achievement and attaining success.  ie: Career Life, Church Life, Economic Station, Family Life, Relationships and Spiritually.

Stasis offers 3 coaching options, namely Law of Attraction Coaching, Spiritual Coaching and Forgotten Not Lost (FNL) Foundations Coaching based on her Lulu published work, Forgotten Not Lost. 

Additionally, Stasia is gifted with the communication challenges of Expressive Language Disorder and Dyslexia.  While she now recognizes it as a blessing, she hasn't always understood it as such. Stasia has also experienced firsthand the devastating effects that result from the abuse inflicted by Bullying and has made it a life mission to educate community not only about what Bullying is, but also about it's destructive effects on those who experience it. Additionally, she strives to bring awareness to those Hidden Disabilities that so often make people easy targets for such treatment and is always happy to help others navigate through the interference that these negative experiences insert into people's lives.(ie: Expressive Language Disorders such as Language Retrieval Impairment, Dyslexia and other related disorders such as ADD and ADHD)

Stasia has certainly walked through the economic challenges that are frequently experienced by people who have had to face obstacles similar to her own. Because of this, Stasia works hard to help others overcome such challenges, assisting them in identifying and removing blocks which create poverty mindsets, lack and discouragement. She is proof such economic challenges can be overcome.  It was because of her personal experiences, and love for people, that she created her "Poverty to Prosperity" Project... to help those in need, become prosperous. The "Poverty to Prosperity" Project allows Stasia to offer a sliding scale to those clients who are unable to afford coaching otherwise.  (Offered at Stasia's discretion on a case by case basis) She also works through her local meetup group, Navigating a Better Life, offering her services at a discount. Even if you're not local, take a look!, because she offers online workshops and Skype sessions ... providing something for everyone in every location!  As one of Stasia's passions, it is her small way of giving back to Community. 

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